A brief guide to commonly used (and often misunderstood) University acronyms, phrases, and miscellaneous jargon.

Academic Advisor – A faculty or staff member of the academic department to which a student is admitted. The advisors are available to assist students with academic counseling and scheduling of classes.

AEC – (Academic Enrichment Center) Located in the Campus Center, the AEC is the largest computer lab on campus. It also provides free tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Ala Cumba – “On To Victory!” The yell that wishes the our teams good luck for victory and shows school spirit.

Big Event – Sponsored each spring by MSG, Big Event is a day when students, faculty, and staff volunteer their time to various organizations throughout the Abilene community.

The Caf - (Cafeteria) This is the Village Market, the dining hall, where the students eat, meet to socialize, and hang out.

CAB – (Campus Activities Board) CAB works to provide many activities and entertainment that is usually free to students. This organization is open to all students.

Credit Hour – Value placed on a course used in computation of GPA and generally accepted amount of classroom/lab contact time.

GPA – (Grade Point Average) GPA is calculated by dividing the student’s grade points divided by the total number of credit hours taken during a semester. For each credit hour the student receives grade points as follows: A=4, A-=3.67, B+=3.33, B=3, B-=2.67, C+=2.33,  C=2, C-=1.67, D+=1.33, D=1, D-=0.67. No grade points are assigned for grades F, I (Incomplete), or W (Withdrew). The student’s overall academic achievement is measured by dividing the sum of all quality points earned for a semester or for the student’s entire McMurry career by the sum of all credit hours attempted. The result is the GPA.

The Grille - (The Sports Grille) The campus grill where students can grab a snack or a bite to eat, visit with their friends, study, or just chill between classes. Located in the Campus Center.

MSF – (McMurry Student Foundation) The purpose of MSF is to build and sustain relationships with alumni, create opportunities that strengthen the McMurry experience, and increase awareness among the student population about philanthropy and what it means to be engaged alumni.The McMurry Student Foundation is made up of a select group of students that work hand in hand with Institutional Advancement, the Alumni Office and the President’s Office to help host Homecoming, Alumni events, the Annual Ring Ceremony and Student Philanthropy and Education events. Applications to join the McMurry Student Foundation are available at the beginning of the fall semester every year.

MSG – (McMurry Student Government) Elected students who act as a voice of the students to administration, faculty, or other organizations.

RA – (Resident Assistant) An upper-class student who lives on a floor of the residence hall. RAs are responsible for maintenance requests, enforcing residence hall rules, and are available to answer questions and assist residents.

Res Hall - (Residence Hall) One of the four places on campus where students can live.  While living on the McMurry campus, students will find that their neighbors are no longer strangers—they become like family! The relationships students build will last a lifetime, and building those relationships will be one of the most fun and memorable times of their lives

Campus Ministry - is one the largest and most diverse student-led organizations at McMurry University, providing students with numerous opportunities to get involved. Membership in this organization is open to all currently enrolled  students. Campus Ministry hosts L.I.F.E. Lunch (Living in Faith Everyday) every Thursday @ 12:15 PM in the Village Market Meeting Room.

Slime Olympics – Teams compete in relays where you are sure to get dirty! Held during War Hawk Welcome Week.

Social Clubs – Local men’s and women’s organizations whose purpose is to provide social activities for members. Recruitment for these organizations, also called Rush, is typically held in the Spring semester.

Women’s clubs include: Alpha Psi Alpha, Delta Beta Epsilon, Gamma Sigma, Pi Delta Phi, Theta Chi Lambda, and T.I.P.

Men’s clubs include: Eta Epsilon Iota, Ko Sari, Makona, and XO.

Spring Thing – MSG provides “Spring Thing” during the Spring semester of each year. Most events are free and include many enjoyable activities. Events are open to all students of the University.

Student Handbook – It includes a listing of useful offices, phone numbers, the MSG constitution, the Student Code of Conduct, and other important information.

T.I.P.  Sing Song – Sponsored by the oldest women’s social club on campus, Sing Song is an opportunity for campus organizations to display their talent in singing, costumes, and choreography in a group presentation.

Tipi Village – Held during Homecoming, Tipi Village is where social clubs put up their tipis representing different tribes of Native Americans.

Wah Wahtaysee – The park located on the corner of South 14th and Sayles Blvd. Events such as Slime Olympics and Tipi Village are held in the park

War Hawk Herald – The student newspaper that reports current campus events and issues.

War Hawk Welcome Week – The four-day program before school starts. It is designed to assist new students with the transition into college by helping them to make friends, and learn about organizations and services on campus.

The Zone - McMurry’s crazy student fans! The students sit together at athletic events in The Zone and cheer on the team!